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Registration for a Life Group is open through January 30
What is a Life Group?
A small group of 6-14 people, generally in a similar life stage, who want to grow spiritually and connect relationally, consistently.  Life groups meet at least every other week for 3 months with an option to continue to meet, expand, or end  and find a new group.   Life groups will build relationships by doing life together through eating, connecting, studying, praying, discussing, or serving with each other.

Types of Life Groups:
Couples' Groups
Men's Groups
Women's Groups
How to  Join a Life Group:

1. Register 
After registering for a group, we will match you with a group that best fits your criteria.  (You can request a specific group if you were invited by someone)  

2. Attend Group Launch
Sunday, February 5 @ 6:00pm at First Christian.  All new groups start at the church in one big event called Group Launch to help you meet your leaders, break the ice, and launch well.  Childcare is available.  Please let us know if you will make it and if children will be coming with you.

3. Show Up
After the group launch, groups will continue to meet in homes, at church, or a public place on different days and times.  If after group launch, you feel you can no longer meet with your group, something has changed, or you would like to switch to a different group.  Don't worry these things happen.  Just let us know.