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What is a Life Group?
A small group of 6-14 people, generally in a similar life stage, who want to grow spiritually and connect relationally, consistently.  Life groups meet at least every other week for 3 months with an option to continue to meet, expand, or end; and find a new group.   Life groups will build relationships by doing life together through eating, connecting, studying, praying, discussing, or serving with each other.

Types of Life Groups:
Couples' Groups
Men's Groups
Women's Groups

Group Launch

All new groups will launch at the church in one big event to help you meet your leaders, break the ice, and launch well.  Groups may or may not choose to meet on the night of the launch event.  Childcare is available for group launch, make sure you register your kids to guarantee care.

Couples's Life Groups Launch:  
Sunday 9/11 at 4:00pm
Men's / Women's Life Groups Launch:
Wednesday 9/14 at 6:30pm