Beginning July 5th, the student (7-12 grade), preteen (4-6 grade), and elementary (kindergarten -3 grade) groups will resume meeting.
(Please note the above grades refer to the grade your child(ren) will attend for the 2020-21 school year.)

Student Ministry will start at 10:30 (please notice the early start time) with a 30 min. high energy interactive time. At 11:00 they will separate into smaller groups for their lesson time. During the larger group and the smaller group times, social distancing of volunteers and students will be encouraged. Each person entering the student center will be asked to use hand sanitizer.

Preteen and Elementary will start at 11:00 in the lower level rooms. Below you will find procedures for checking in and checking out of these groups. Your participation and cooperation in these changes during this time is necessary and very much appreciated.

Beginning July 12th, we will open other areas of the Children’s Ministry in the preschool and nursery areas. Click here to see what class your child(ren) will be in. While it is our desire to have a class for each age group, we believe gradually opening up classes across age groups is best to ensure a safe and secure Children’s program. We will keep you informed prior to each Sunday as to which classes will be open in the children’s ministry through the weekly LOOP.

Below you will find the procedure for checking in and checking out of the preschool and nursery areas. Your participation and cooperation in these changes during this time is necessary and very much appreciated.

Some general information that parents need to be aware of for the Preteen and/or Children’s Ministries.
  •  Temperatures of all workers, children and parents coming into these areas will be taken using infrared no-touch thermometers.
          If any individual has a temperature of 99.5 degrees or  greater you will not be permitted beyond the temperature check in point.
  • Though no longer required, we will do our best to maintain some form of social distancing.
  • We ask that one parent only, if possible, drop off and pick up your child(ren)
  • All entering these areas will be required to use hand sanitizer each time you enter.
  • We ask that each family check in using the “Church Center” app. (see instructions below on how to set up this app and click here for video)
  • We will limit the ratio of children to adults at 10:1, with no more than 14 children per classroom in our preschool classes.
  • All rooms, toys, etc. will be thoroughly sanitized each week

Check-in process for Preteen and Children’s Ministry
There will be a table in the hallway for check in/check out.
  • We ask families to download the Church Center app to precheck-in their child(ren).
    • Through the app you will then receive a QR code to scan at the check-in points to print your child and claim tags.  
    • There will be one station available for guest check in/out and for those who need help.
  • Temperatures will be taken at this point before allowing anyone to go into the ministry area.
    • The parents/adults who will be checking in/out the children will receive a sticker to indicate they have been temperature checked and approved to be in the ministry area.
  • Before entering the preschool/nursery hallway or heading downstairs, everyone will be asked to use sanitizer. Masks will not be required.
  • The adult/parent (one per household when possible) and child(ren) will then walk to their child(ren)’s classroom, doing their best to maintain some distance from other families.
    • Upstairs, Adults will be asked to drop off their child just outside their class, and then exit through the play area “exit only” door.
    • Downstairs, Adults who accompany their children will be asked to drop off kids at the counter (exceptions can be made for adults wanting to walk children all the way to the room).
           Proper supervision will be in place.

Check-out process for Preteen and Children’s ministry
  • Only parents/adults that have received a temperature check sticker will be allowed to go and pick up their child(ren) from their classroom.
    • Parent/Adults who do not have a sticker will need to be checked again.
  • Parents/Adults will be asked to use sanitizer again before entering the preschool/nursery hallway or going downstairs.
  • We are asking that parents/adults do not enter classrooms. Please wait until the teacher brings your child to the door to you.
  • We ask that parents be respectful of social distancing when possible and keep their distance outside the classrooms while they wait. Please do not congregate at the classroom doors.
  • Upstairs: once children have been picked up, please exit through the play area “exit only” door.
    • Note: The preschool indoor playground will be fenced off and off limits for everyone.

Note: We are asking that families do not gather around the check in area but relocate to the parking lot if needed. The hope is to eliminate a large crowd of people in a small space.
To learn more about the Church Center app, click here for a short video.