Our Story

First Christian Church in Washington has always been lead by God to reach the people of this area.  Here is our story of how God has been faithful through the years.

The preacher of the Christian Church in Union asked an attending family why they didn’t come more frequently. The small family, Mr. and Mrs. Arvel Jones and daughter Velma, explained it was difficult for them since they lived in Washington and didn’t have a car. The preacher, Rex Mitchell, encouraged starting a church in Washington.
On January 23, 1955, 29 people attended the first worship service of the Washington First Christian Church.
There were three families from Washington, totaling 8 people, and 21 others from surrounding towns who came to encourage them. The new church met in the old Gregory Building on Lafayette Street where the Missourian parking lot now sits. In the late summer of 1955, the church moved to a storefront at 114 Lafayette, now Lafayette Park.
Rex Mitchell and Lynn Martin, the first preachers to lead services, were from Union and Sullivan. The pulpit was from Antioch Christian Church in Leslie. The organ was from New Haven. The dream was from God. 
In 1959, a frame schoolhouse at 3rd and Burnside was placed for sale. The church, making the only offer, bought the building for $1010 and renovated it for a house of worship.
In 1967, Ninos de Mexico was begun by Merlyn and Wanda Beeman with the purpose of loving and evangelizing lost and abandoned children.
The church family purchased land on Highway 47 in 1973, constructed a building, and relocated. At that time, there were about 75-80 attending.
In March of 2007, the church family moved into the present facility at 6890 Hwy 100.
Though the history of a church is often framed in with locations, dates, and buildings, the real story is about a wonderful Savior and people. The church, nurtured and challenged by faithful ministers, elders, deacons, teachers and workers, has continued to make followers of Jesus through the decades.
As Velma Jones Stroetker, founding church member and longtime Washington Librarian, said back in 1995, “God has been leading us step by step. We’ve never done anything on our own.”

Be a part of our story...

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